Things You Do Everyday That Are Bad For Your Health -

Things You Do Everyday That Are Bad For Your Health - everyday that are bad for your health sitting too much you may think you're in great shape because you never miss a trip to the gym but if you spend a large portion of your day sitting while working at the desk Java watching TV you're still in elevated risk of heart disease diabetes cancer and early death more than 47 studies have shown that if you exercise with still spend a larger proportion of your day sitting your about 30% more likely to die of any cars then someone who doesn't sit as much adding a vigorous work out your overall sedentary lifestyle.

Things You Do Everyday That Are Bad For Your Health -

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Things You Do Everyday That Are Bad For Your Health -

Things You Do Everyday That Are Bad For Your Health. reduces your risk to only 16% more likely to die of any cause if you can afford it I standing desk is a great idea if not reduce the time you spend sitting as much Facebook when you watch TV or enjoy fastening videos like this one and take frequent breaks at work to walk around your office number 19 wearing skinny jeans we know you've been working on diet and exercise and even spending less time sitting after that last one and now you want to show off how good you look in the skinny jeans that's understandable but nose piercing cause nerve damage wearing too tight pants can compress the Law Reform or continuous nerve leaving tuna Rodger paresthetica if you haven't watched enough episodes of Grey's Anatomy to know what that is it's a fancy way of saying that extra type waistband can cause symptoms like nothing in the leg stinging pain increase sensitivity to heat and in some cases attrified leg muscle try and more relaxed fit or if you have to have the skinny jeans at least buy them in a roomy size number 18 washing machines fill with the kalai you probably think.

Your clothes are nice and clean when they the washing machine mate sorry to sell your review of its power but not so fast one study found that about 44% of washing machines and Britain contain e-coli which usually arrive there from dirty underwear washing clothes at low temperatures overloading the machine and feeling to clean the machine itself or contribute to a buildup of the dangerous bacteria in order to make a clean break with alkali experts advise to clean your washing machine regularly on a high-temperature wash it no more than 1/3 full and use bleach on a specially 30 items like underwear number 17 sleeping in a Braun may be bad for you some women wear a bra to bed thinking it will help prevent their breasts from sagging as they age but no Brock and change the effects of gravity or the fact that aging results in breast tissue being converted to fat tissue which tends to droop sleeping and abroad may cause problems especially if the Rice Too Tight or put pressure on the breast this can lead the cyst wearing Mr bad can also cause decreased laboratory melatonin levels in the suppression of melatonin in may be linked to an increased risk of health problems like difficulty sleeping diabetes heart disease and cancer so sleeping and abroad may be downright bad.

Everyday Activities Are Slowly Killing You

You number 16 artificial sweetener trick your body into weight gain eating less sugar is good but replacing it with other artificial sweeteners is not studies have shown that runs fed with artificial sweeteners actually gain more weight than those federal sugar but why it turns out those sugar pills to flip all the same switches in the brain is the real deal the brain expects calories but doesn't get them so it increases appetite causing you to eat more you're better off having the real stuff in moderation if you want to reduce refined sugar try replacing it with natural sugars like those found in fruit number 15 touching soap dispensers if you've ever thought about how many hands touch a soap answer in a public restaurant you probably wouldn't be surprised to know that 25% of them or contaminated with bacteria antibacterial soaps or not a good solution these actually encourage the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on surfaces using regular so instead of antibacterial formulas is safer and can help send antibiotic resistant bacteria down the drain you should also use refills are sealed and less likely to be contaminated than large bottles of soap number 14 chewable vitamin C aroids teeth are vitamin C known for boosting your immune system and fighting free Radicals how can be bad for you just ask your teeth the technical name for vitamin C is ascorbic acid and any kind of acid can be bad for Chompers lots of fruits and vegetables that contain the nutrient like oranges in tomatoes are very acidic fortunately food.

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Doesn't stay in the mouth long but a tube of vitamin C tablet does and because it hangs around for so do you want vitamin C getting a from food or taking a pill that you can swallow is a much better idea Tasmanian + with zinc and Vitamin C number 13 smartphones kill your ability to relax most of us don't know what we do without your smartphone or however got along without it however it actually prevents you from relaxing something called the helpful stressful cycle leaves us filling pressure to stay in touch constantly checking our phones even when was supposed to be relaxing and leaving work or other stressful activities behind one smart solution to smartphone stressed is to take some time to yourself without your phone even if you just leave it another room or put it on silent number 12 intense exercise makes a guy's general shrink exercises healthy but intense exercise can have one unpleasant side effect of men it can cause the male genitals to shrink in maybe cos Intuit right into your body this happened with a lot of Athletes from runners to swim is it sounds like a bad late night information for a mill & Hanson product but it's thing that happens when men have a tough work out but just yet number 11 facial piercings cause brain and nerve damage does facial piercings may look cool but in rare cases they can cause serious nerve damage a piercing in this area that goes wrong can damage the facial trigeminal.

Nerve which helps your brain link up with physical sensations in your face in addition to being painful this kind of damage can lead the misalignment dizziness and even loss of balance although unusual is a risk you have to face if you want a facial piercings number 10 laser printers cause lung damage many people prefer laser first because they're more economical printing more pages for your money than inkjet printers this is because they use toner a powder that gets heat-sealed onto the paper but it turns out laser printers and mid tiny toner particles which can be inhaled get worse after you install a new toner and if you work in an open plan office with lots of Lord printers in related bad news many office buildings now recirculated air which can contain everything from black mould to carbon monoxide leading to Cigweld ING syndrome prolonged exposure to toner particles Canley Decider row silicosis a lung disease common among coal miners it's not clear how much exposure text it cause this problem so if you use a laser printer trying to do so in a well-ventilated area number 9 staying indoors could kill your sex drive we know this sounds like another one of those things you here and late night in commercials this time offering the solve your lolohea problem those pills only raise your credit card bill but there is something you can do that boost your sex drive for free.

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Spending time Outdoors helps your body produce vitamin D which raises testosterone production this in turn boost libido no credit card require you're welcome number 8 common service is Crawling with germs you may have to stop laughing at your coworker sprays disinfectant on the desk every five minutes scientists found office desk have on average around 21000 per square inch phones have around 25000 while toilet seat only have about 49 per square inch probably because they're clean more frequently than the average death service number 7 prolonged exposure to Bright Lights if you think the fluorescent lights at the office are giving you a headache You May Be Right fluorescent lights were over illumination of any kind can cause a host of health problems these include headaches fatigue stress anxiety cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction before you ask your doctor for the little blue pills you may want to try a new office with dimmer lightning number 6 boredom bad for your heart call me the cleared I was bored at the few times maybe after a budget meaning were similarly an exciting day at work as it turns out you can actually be bored to death researchers found that men with doll boring jobs are at an increased risk of a heart attack boredom causes.

Slow steady heartbeat and when this goes on for a long time the heart is less prepared to deal with a rapid beat like you might have on your shot for exercising if your job boards you regular exercise may help reduce this risk number 5 Dalley showering makes you more likely to get sick you may think showering day work frequent showering strips off the skins morning layer leaving us more susceptible to disease showering also doesn't kill germs it just move them around studies have noted people have about the same amount of germs on their body regardless of how often they base while showering less often make you less likely to get sick if your smile makes other sick is probably worth taking the risk number for Air fresheners and scented candles you may enjoy the smell of a good air freshener on nice and it can talk but they could be putting your health at risk these often contain dangerous chemicals that can cause lung problems like asthma increase the risk of cancer and interfere with hormone production one study Shell using air fresheners as little as once a week raise the risk of asthma in adults you may want to swap your air freshener for some actual fresh.

Number 3 alarm clocks if you'd read the sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning you may be on to something RISA found that alarm clocks allow people to have a big difference in a mountain patterns of sleep from the week to the weekend which is bad for your circadian rhythms the alarm itself is problematic to raising your blood pressure and putting you in an alert situation the second you wake up number to mow your lawn your car probably has a catalytic converter to reduce the Polish into the mix into the air but guess what your lawn mower doesn't although you probably use it less frequently than your car that may not held one study showed it would take about 100 miles of driving in a car to equal the amount of pollution your lawn mower spews out in an hour if you have to mow you may want to wear a mask to prevent breathing in fumes and don't like your mower idle after you're finished number one Teflon you probably think Indestructible when you think of Teflon it's that plastic coating on cooking utensils Eltham to touch hot pants in surfaces without unfortunately when it comes in contact with high enough heat the coating releases toxic chemicals that can cause a flu like condition if you would just enough these also weaken the immune system in may increase the risk for cancer although there is no conclusive evidence of that yet most Americans have some level the toxic chemical in their body use a regular metal spatula instead not surprising things have you discover bad for your health if you.

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