MAKING MY OLD UNHEALTHY FULL DAY OF EATING HEALTHIER FULL DAY MEANING. beautiful day to be alive welcome back to witness baby Witness 2020 so a few weeks ago Talking through my own unhealthy for day eating talking about my relationship with food has grown and improved so much since I filmed those videos to 3 years ago so we have seen that video definitely go check it out because today I'm going to be making my all unhealthy full day of eating healthier and I just eating the food.MAKING MY OLD UNHEALTHY FULL DAY OF EATING HEALTHIER



That I'm now eating eating this year but this study will be taking some of those meals and improving them and showing you what I would do now to feed if you my body I'm so excited I hope you guys enjoyed today's video I'm so hungry I'm in the middle getting ready I sit down fill my Q&A able to be to get an ex Witness video I had to get started I'm still in my Robe to be watched that video protein as my main goal for every single meal then I meals were very balance with good fats carbs and protein this is a mill I have been enjoying so dang much lately for my first breakfast breakfast of the day this is the first one there is it takes me about 5 minutes to make some sort out with one of these over things everything bagel breakfast then city of a gluten intolerance is are gluten-free the super fan for actually keep his Frozen and then I just pull apart problem in the freezer their perfect and ready to go and then I'm going to have two eggs.


Pop on top of the sandwich thins but first I had to top it off with this wonderful delicious vegan cream cheese at first I don't like this the taste is very interesting but it's really good on me I pick this up at sprouts in this up at Trader Joe's this is my might go to for a few weeks now I absolutely love it it's so stick in good in you have a really good balanced meal a protein fat and carbs baby now I just have to entire eggs yolk in Dollbaby the yolks the best part of Lee skip it today interesting for my next sack I will be having oatmeal I still have oatmeal almost every single stinkende I absolutely love it I forget those 100-calorie packs because I'm so focused on the calorie rather than the nutrients and it so what I really like that getting clean help me I'm sweating at yourself as you're saving on the 9 or 10 grams of sugar that were in those little packets so Gippsland sweetener yourself I love to use cinnamon and Oliver take a few drops no more than 4 because otherwise are you linked.

Hurts my tongue liquid stevia have some strawberries and inside the biggest Bluetooth so I love having strawberries on my oatmeal and then I got a film and then we'll catch up a splash of there's only oat milk to my email and it's really hope changed the texture makes it so much more creamy so I can really enjoying this ok it's too good I know I'm just showing my Mills today but I'm so excited because I finally found something that sprouts ice only see them at Costco and I hardly got to Costco DeWalt with either the organic crunchy rice roll is apple cinnamon is to die for beginners is the best one but I also have the original Grandma's can have lost the name into it so stinking good Lewis on way now but a million x better ok I'm actually snack and unpack it easier it now and then I used to do one of two things I use to either a not eat I would just within to myself well and I want to make food so I'm just not going to eat eat crap like pull out whole bag of Sour Patch.


Watermelon to meet the entire bag with food has improved is instead of doing both those with her keep food prepared in my fridge at all time so whether it's having beans just rinsed and cleaned it up where is having chicken pre-cooked and shredded that's my favourite thing and I was reading my chicken Add a few more work things I need to get down before dinner tonight but and instapot and  then popping it onto a ball with rice and beans and then Poppin fresh veggies on Tree of jazz these ob roasted vegetables simply dress with garlic and herbs so I check out the packaging popped in the oven at 3:50 for 20 minutes so that's the veggies I mean today cook some chicken in the instant part this my favour hack shooting up any of my instant pot chicken with this bad boy or too easy so they are sending out preparing some food like there's having some beans prepped washed some veggies and chicken is that tomorrow and for the next few days I can just with that.

The fridge pop into a ball and I have my food ready to go hey lunch for addressing I'm going to be adding a few spoonfuls of my favourite salsa this is the garlic to Polly salsa from trader juice it's so stinking delicious for dinner tonight is 7 is here we're having spaghetti squash I know I should this is my last for the eating a mother to a girl we've been obsessed with is a go to me it's so quick so easy I still fit in the oven you know so whenever you said it put it instead I just really like it up and I just cut it in half drizzle with olive oil pepper pink Himalayan salt from the back cover Pope some holes in it popped it in the oven that will be cooking for 30 minutes well that's cooking going to make asparagus with garlic salt mate and then I'm so excited because I finally found ok I don't have to look that but I found these are my local sprouts these are the plant based meat balls are excited excited when I think about 2 just eating a salad Pause topped with some of the SAS cell such a bum alternative to noodles actually prefer.

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