Fitness For Beginners How Do We Start 2020

Fitness For Beginners How Do We Start 2020. everybody thank you for coming back to my website if you are watching this video it is probably because it you are about to begin you're finished journey congratulations this also probably means you are doing your research and that is a very very good thing my friends because when you start something new the number one thing you need to do is research if you are not starting a new Fitness Journey or just beginning you might be just looking fish and chips or whatever might be I'm glad you get so.How Do We Start 2020

Fitness For Beginners
Fitness For Beginners 

Fitness For Beginners How Do We Star

Today I'm going to be talking to you about Fitness for beginners where to start what to do how the hell am I gonna get results so I have a few basic tips for you to run through that will help get you on the right track and hopefully keep their number one we are kicking straight into it you have heard this a million x if you have watched any fitness videos have a goal you need to have a girl you need to know what you want where you want it how you wanted to look what everything about it you need to have a goal you need to know what you want and it needs to be realistic don't make a goal that is an achievable do not make a goal that sounds something like lose 10 kilos by this week no your goal should be achievable and it should be relative to you and your body type and what you want and your lifestyle take some time to starting with their goal is going to be sit down.

Really really think about it goals shouldn't be rushed think about what you want write it down make it visible make it real and remind yourself of it every single day if you don't have a goal you gonna wake up some days and go why am I even doing this why if you've got a goal and every single day that's why I am doing this step in starting at your fitness journey understand that the workout is not everything if you are not eating well you will not get results lots and lots of people come to me as a personal trainer and say I want to get fit I want to lose weight or want to do this I want a big butts and I Want It All by eating McDonald no OK no one has actually ever said I made that up but my point was lots of people expect that they can do some exercise but eat whatever they want and get results this is not true people it will not work you need to be filling your body with fuel with nutritious foods that are going to help you recover well lose weight and help your body.

Fitness For Beginners

Function in the right way this also brings me to hydration drink your water if you are not drinking water you will not function the way you need to understand what you are eating if you are eating lots of takeaway and processed foods and high sugar foods you might want to cut those back understand how many calories you are putting in your body understand portion sizes do your research try to eat as Fresh as possible possible read your nutrition labels if you need help check out my other video on nutrition calories nutrition labels the whole lot I will put the link blade number three I'm starting your fitness journey make yourself a workout plan if you can't afford a personal trainer or you don't want to see if fitness professional or you just want to have a crack on your own make yourself a fitness plan it can be done I have just posted the video on exactly how you can do that I will pop the link to that video in the section down below so check that out it should hopefully help you.

Know how to develop yourself a little workout routine basically just not on how often you can go to the gym or will you be training from home and go from there decide what day do going to work out on how long you can work out for and what you going to do and then quite simply trying to stick to it now talking about the word time does have the time we make it so don't sit there and say I don't have the time if you really really want this you will make the time you will make it work Long mire another you'll get up earlier or you'll do something on your lunch break whatever it might be you will make tip number for on starting you're finished journey and make sure you track your progress do that in your own way whenever it might be my recommendations are your measurements little fitness test for yourself and progress photos I know absolutely horrible to take photos of your body.

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If you can't it is a great way to see results it scales well not also give you an accurate reflection of how high do working for photos can do that so take a photo of your body from the front from the back I don't know the size of your but whatever you want to focus on and then every 4 weeks so every 6 weeks to take those photos again and look at how much you are changing from that you can take measurements you can measure your waist your hips to on your bust whatever you want to measure the results also give yourself a little fitness test like how many push ups you can do in a minute how many bur pees you can do before you feel too tight and every month we do those things and see how much you will progress and lastly number 5 the most important tip of all remember it is not going to happen overnight do not give up so many people will go out for a few weeks and then give up because nothing happening you can't give up stay consistent stay dedicated give it your all you will have where you feel like you.

Well you're tired you can't be bothered working out do your best to stay in routine consistency eventually going to happen the same for everyone so experiment with your workout plan understand that you are an individual your body will not function the same as the person next to you you won't get results at the same time I do your body may not get result in the same way that so please understand that you need to be doing this for you tailored to you in your own way do not give up if things are taking a long time stay positive stay with it and you will get there so that is pretty much this is a super quick video as super quick rundown of where to start if you are a beginner I did not want to over complicate things because I think it's so important to keep things basic and streamlined otherwise everything just gets so confusing and overwhelming and it can be too much.

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Then you'll go no not dealing with this Fitness should not be that heart so I hope this has helped you one last thing make use of the internet good people you already are because you are here watching this video so keep going there are so many amazing people on the internet trainers health Professionals people that really know their ship and will post awesome workouts and free content for you so do not stress if you cannot afford a personal trainer or someone to help you there's so much stuff on the internet that can help you reach your goals but of course if you really struggle reach out to someone that can help you kick goal so that's all guys thank you so much for watching please give us a thumbs up if you liked it because that will really support.

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