Fitness Tips For Girl Weight Loss and Getting Results

Fitness Tips For Girl Weight Loss and Getting Results. Everyone is welcome back to my Website I'm back on the couch today  couch and while it was a little bit old school hey how you doing if you're welcome back let's get into it so today I'm going to share with you my top 10 fitness tips just 10 little things I always tell my clients that I always tell myself about your overall fitness and hitting your goals so no I sometimes I'm going to get straight into it number one don't expect to get results straight away don't expect to get the same manner results of the person. Fitness Tips For Girl.

Fitness Tips For Girl Weight Loss and Getting Results

Fitness Tips For Girl

Anyone that you see online everyone is different it's going to take a different amount of time for you that I did for me that it will for Bob next door don't expect the same thing in the same amount of time and don't expect it to happen overnight don't go into it with this high expectation that you're going to do one cardio session and lose a kilo cos it's not going to work that way you need to be realistic that your body works different to everyone else as I mean sure we were all you know human beings but that doesn't mean I bodies all work the same way scientifically speaking yes they do but we're not all exactly the same one thing might work differently for me to what it does to you one food might react differently with my body to what it does with yours you need to keep that in mind and on the back of that point don't give up.

If it doesn't happen after a month or two months or a year keep trying experimenting with don't give up number to you have to work hard a little light job here in there and we know some low intensity workout at the gym that's not really getting heart rate up is not going to get the job done if you've got big weight loss goals or muscle gain goals or really any girls around Fitness you have to work hard you have to put in a hard yards you have to sweat no matter what it is you're doing if it's weightlifting running yoga Pilates you need to give it your all you have to put in 100% if you turn up everyday and bring 20 or 30% of your a game and you just kinda cruise along and then wonder why you're not getting results were you back off a little bit cos you're not really feeling it but you got to put in the Always Soren it's affecting your ability to train don't be afraid to go and ask someone when you.

Weight Loss and Getting Results 

Need the help it will really help you in the long run it will make sure you get to your goals faster and just give you that piece of mind as well to know that you're on the right track sorry that is for overall fitness and how to hit your goals a little bit faster I hope you like them I hope you're something in there that you haven't heard Mera Campbell on about before but anyway please leave me your thoughts in the and a big thumbs upeffort to challenge yourself number 3 mix things up don't stick to the same old boring routine you might love it you my lovely exercises are doing you might love the work you doing but don't stay on this line ok mix it up mix up your intensity go for different methods different styles of training Incorporated different exercises lift heavier weight always push yourself further find the next best thing when you start to get really comfortable in what you doing it's not really making you saw anymore challenging you.

Find something else incorporating a different exercises you know if you're constantly doing push-ups make a variation choose something different make sure that you are always progressing and going upwards number for your well you might be busting your balls in the gym absolutely killing it and then you coming home and having a pizza every night or can soft drink straight away or takeaway for dinner every night you have to realise that fitness and food R1 you can't our train a bad diet you really really need to understand that burning off calories doesn't give you the right to eat like s*** eating a nutritionally balanced diet you just want to get the results by don't try and spot Target if you are trying to lose weight or body fat from certain area do not try and sport Target you can't do crunches and lose the fat from your abdomen just from doing those crunches you need to do things bigger things worked the whole body just because you work one area does not mean the fat is going to fall off in that area yes you'll build a muscle in that area which can help.

Today Fitness Tips For Girl

Make it look more toned and bring up the parents of the muscle little bit more but you just can't spot Target it just doesn't work if you are trying to lose big numbers on the scale be more compound work your body overall more so if you're trying to lose 20 kilos doing some bicep curls in the gym working just wanna me to time is not the right way to go about it you need to be doing big and movements like a squat with a press or deadlifts or you know squat jump something that's going to work your entire body get your heart rate up a little bit more and if you're trying to lose a little bit of belly fat Shoaib bit more just stick to crunches do some sprints do a little bit of high intensity cardio add things like squat jumps and more you get your heart rate ask them or you Challenger body the more you going to lose body fat from everywhere you'll get there faster 6 you cannot work out.

Weight Loss and Getting Results 

Best of our ability if your muscles are tight and cramps and you have bad mobility and bad mobility is so common I mean I have terrible mobility a lot of people have terrible mobility but you need to stretch focus on active recovery go for light walks do some yoga you don't look after your body more than just smashing it in the gym take time off if you feel like you need it for a few weeks a few months a year back relax give you a well-deserved break sometimes the time off all have you come back faster and fitter and stronger and constantly pushing your body down down down down down 8 scales instead of focusing on the scales of the time take your measurements you know take your waste your bust your hits your bicep take different measurements that is going to show you a lot more results and just stepping on the scales you might see centimetres come off.

When you don't see a change on the scales and it'll make you feel better I make you feel like you're progressing more and take your body fat percentage especially if you have lost the main amount of weight but you want to but you want to start turning up and shifting a little bit of body fat take your body fat percentage get a  personal trainer to do it for you or go get a more complex can that's gonna give you a lot more accurate results than just stepping on the scales everyday number 9 is jumping exercises incredibly effective probably not for you if you've got really bad and cool or knee problems or you know that you.

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